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Running head: SERVANT LEADERSHIP RESEARCH AND APPLICATION 1 Servant Leadership Research and Application Paper Trina Windfield Grand Canyon University: LDR-630: Servant Leadership September 11, 2013 Running head: SERVANT LEADERSHIP RESEARCH AND APPLICATION 2 SERVANT LEADERSHIP RESEARCH and APPLICATION Servant leadership has gained popularity in both the public and private sectors due to the concept of learning to put others first. There are a lot of successful businesses practicing the disciplines of servant leadership. This paper will show how the use of the servant leadership model can be applied to an organization such as the City of Atlanta’s legal department from a place of low morale and tension into a workplace that incorporates the practices of self-awareness, listening, coaching, unleashing intelligence, and foresight. ANALYE the CONCEPT of SERVANT LEADERSHIP The concept of servant leadership is growing in its influence and impact within various types of organizations. Servant leadership is all about creating teamwork, community, and allowing for others to be involved in decision making, strong ethics, and caring behavior. These are important factors as well as encouraging personal growth among the staff (Spears, 2005). The leader and the servant are usually thought of as opposites however, the servant leader model has shown how the two opposites are intertwined to create a model that teaches about how to put others first and promote the sharing of decision making (Spears, 2005). This model focuses on the positive impact on the employees as well as the community, rather than worrying so much about profit (Spears, 2005). Compare and Contrast Servant Leadership with Transformational Leadership Transformational Leadership is another excellent form of leadership that focuses on the leader as a role model, the ability to generate

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