Leadership Effectiveness Essay

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Leadership Effectiveness Are leaders born or made? This is the common question which is asked when conversations come up regarding effective leaders. While some leadership is natural to people, most leaders are formed after years of experience and practices of skill sets. Leadership effectiveness requires followers and without effective leadership cannot productive. The leadership definition is defined as the position or working as a leader, a person who guides or directs a group. Leadership has the ability to lead and act of giving guidance to a group effectively. (William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. , 2009) Every effective leader starts somewhere usual because of the traits the person posses. The leadership theory was first identified in writings of the early Greeks and Romans and is prevalent today among those who believe leadership cannot be identified. Leaders have strong traits to become effective. The theory of leadership, which is lead by traits, which have made them effective; This theory can be commonly referred to as the “great man” theory (Howell & Costley, 2006). The leadership effectiveness traits include physical, personality and social traits. Physical traits include energetic, education, and social status. Personality traits include assertiveness, dominance, creativity, self-confidence, administrative ability, and fluency of speech, social perceptiveness, and adaptability. Social traits include motivation, responsibility, initiative, persistence, task orientation, cooperativeness, and sociability (Howell & Costley, 2006). Society often believes that leadership traits, which people are born with. Typically traits are identified in people and the common misconception is those people are that they are born with those traits. With the traits as listed above it is not correct to generalize by saying that leaders are born since these traits

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