Transfer Of Learning

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What is transfer of learning? This is the transfer of knowledge that has been acquired in one field being practiced in another field. Skills and experiences all the same being practiced in another field can also are a form of transfer of learning. An example of this is the knowledge an accountant acquires which can be put into practice in a bank to keep books of accounts. Workers are normally trained on how to do their job. In essence, transfer of learning can be defined as a process that ensures that knowledge that a person or a worker has acquired can be put into practical use in the place of work. The most common place where transfer of learning is practiced is in a classroom. The basic knowledge and valuable information in the topic of interest is acquired before taking into practical in the field. The phenomenon of learning faster and getting an in-depth analysis of a specific topic gives a clear understanding of the topic enabling one to be able to apply the whole skills in the environment applicable. This is called positive transfer. (Merrienboer, 2002) Information and skills relating to a topic can at times either help or get in the way of acquiring information or skills relating to a different topic. Generally positive transfer occurs when learning from one place helps learning in another. This transfer normally occurs when the learner; • Identifies features in common in the area of information • Links the information acquired to other areas that the information is applicable However when learning from one situation interferes with learning in other situations a negative transfer occurs. A person who learned how to drive a car in a driving school may notice some similarities in the knowledge and intends to apply it o driving a bus. This knowledge connected leads to the negative transfer (Mayer, 1999) Reasons for transfer  Improves on
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