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Assignment 2: Use Cases Strayer University CIS 210 (Systems Analysis Development) 5 May 2014 Describe a use case, complete with typical and alternate courses, that documents the event of a bank customer withdrawing money from an ATM. A use case for a bank customer withdrawing money from an ATM begins prior to the customer walking or driving up to the ATM, the customer must first get an ATM card or debit card that can be used in ATM’s. When a customer arrives at the ATM the machine is in an idle or standby state until the customer inserts his/her ATM card. Once the card is inserted the ATM then requests that the user verifies their authorization to use the card by requesting the customer to enter the PIN that is associated with…show more content…
Because the first steps in validating the customer authorization to use the ATM card is the same for making a deposit as it is for making a withdrawal, the use cases have a relationship. When two or more use cases have common steps we are able to break out those steps into their own use case, which is able to be referenced by other use cases. “For example, if we added an alternate scenario called Card Reader Failed which addresses the case when there is a mechanical failure in card reader mechanism, this would now be a possible outcome of an Account Holder trying to initiate a deposit transaction with an ATM” (Smith). After the validation process is completed the customer would then select the deposit option to enable them to make a deposit into their account. Once the customer selects the deposit option and the account information is retrieved the customer will then be asked to enter the amount to be deposited. Once the amount has been entered the ATM mechanism to begin the deposit will activate and the customer will be requested to insert the deposit. After the customer places the deposit into the deposit slot mechanism the mechanism will detect it and the deposit slot mechanism will stop. The system will then add the amount of the deposit to the customer’s account and the ATM card will be returned to the…show more content…
Once the customer has validated that he or she is an authorized user of the ATM card by entering the correct PIN the ATM will then prompt them to select which transaction they are requesting. Once the customer selects the transfer option the ATM will then give the option of which account the transfer will be taken from and also if the account to be transferred to is internal to the banking institution or to an external institution. After the customer chooses if the transaction is for an internal or an external account the ATM will then ask for the specific account they wish to transfer fund into. When the specific account is selected the customer will then be prompted to enter the amount of the transfer. If sufficient funds are available in the account money is to be transferred from and the customer is authorized to transfer funds to the selected account, the changes to the account balances will be made and the transaction will be complete and the ATM card returned to the customer. If there are not sufficient funds in the account that the transfer is coming from then the customer will be notified and requested to select another amount. If the customer is not authorized to transfer funds to the specified account they will be notified and

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