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Assessing Your Organization’s Values Paper Nathan R. Logan COM/310 The company that I work for is Wells Fargo. It is one of the large banking institutions in the world today. In 1852 Henry Wells and William Fargo founded Well, Fargo & Co. to serve the West with banking such as buying gold and selling paper bank drafts that is as good as gold. The company also offer express which is the rapid delivery of gold and anything of value where needed. The company used stage coaches for their express as wells as all other methods of fast travel during that period, but the company is most well known for its stage coach as it serves for the company logo. Wells Fargo became the largest banking institution from coast to coast until it was taken…show more content…
With this company structure and power relationships are very important. These relationships influence decision making much the same as other companies coming from the top down the line. Wells Fargo is big on keeping its core values as it did in the mid 1800s because it worked so well. With this company everyone has something to be responsible for. Being with the company y for almost a year I can see the roles of a District Manager all the way down to my level as a Customer Service and Sales representative. The company acts not just as a bank but as a financial institution being able to serve almost all customers needs such a banking, insurance, credit, mortgages, loans, and more. Each individual from Tellers to CSSR’s to personal bankers and so are responsible for ensuring that customers know of all of their services that the bank offers and offering it to them as needed. The management team at the store level consisting of a store manager and a service manager are responsible that the sales of products and services are occurring when needed on every customer interaction whether it is form a teller or a CSSR or a personal…show more content…
As a bank the company collects customer information such as their financial information and personal information such an addresses, social security numbers, and place of employment among many other things. Because the bank has access to so much sensitive information that it is a bank priority to maintain confidentiality with the customer’s information. There are several policies and procedures to protect customer’s information from being exposed to anyone who does not need to know the information. All information is collected and stored on computers though a company wide network that can be accessed at any Wells Fargo branch at any time. Customers must be present in order to access the customer’s account and access to accounts is monitored. This helps protect he customer’s information and prevents it from getting in to the wrong hands. The customer’s information is also used for sales purposes. Customers information such as social security and madden names of parents are used to identify customers credit and offers are either mailed, emailed, called, or told by teller when there is an opportunity to make a sale to a customer based on their credit, income, or profile. The bank location also handles a large amount of money on a daily basis. The bank receives deposits of cash and checks everyday and distributes cash everyday. The cash must also be protected and kept out of reach of those who do not need access to it. Also the

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