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Toddler Name: Ashley Age: 2 years and 3 months Gender: Female Observation Place: Childs home Date of Observation: Feb. 24, 2013 The observation took place in the child’s home on a Sunday afternoon. The toddler I decided to do an observation on is named Ashley and she is 2 years and 3 months old. Ashley is a niece to a dear friend of mine, named Vivian. I saw Ashley for the third time that Sunday. She smiled while walking around her house holding on to Vivian’s hand. I was observing her from a distance while her aunt was talking to her in the family room. Ashley was showing her all her favorite toys and other objects around them; Ashley pointed with her little finger at items she noticed such as "there is a ball by window" she said, "Really?" Vivian answered, "What else is there?” Ashley kept showing her the toys in the room and would carelessly hop with excitement when Vivian asked to tell her about the toys and what they did. I hadn’t even noticed the cat coming in until I hear Ashley shout "Mine black cat, Stacy.” Vivian later told me that the cats name is Stacy. Everything that Vivian was shown by Ashley, Vivian made a point to respond to Ashley’s findings and guided her when needed. After about 15 minutes of playing with her aunt Ashley started telling everyone in the room including her parents to go home. Vivian then says “But we are already home and you are home too! Where do you want us to go?" "Home, home" she kept saying. Vivian later told me that she probably means upstairs because that’s where her babysitter is at, although she was resting at the time and would not be working for another couple of hours. Ashley was getting louder and demanded everyone to “go home” even after her Vivian told her to stop. Ashley gave in and took her upstairs with Ashley’s dad and together they watched one of Vivian’s favorite movies, “The Lion King” Ashley calls

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