Infant Observation Essay

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Older Infant Observation (12-24 months) Ashley is a sixteen month old toddler. First to be noticed was Ashley’s curly black hair and her big round brown eyes. She had a brown skin tone she was petite and her belly appeared to be less pot belly looking. When Ashley opened her mouth there were a few visible teeth in the bottom front of her mouth. Ashley used the superior forefinger grasp to pick up the half spiked ball and the plush lady bug on the floor. She used the pincer grasp to grasp the cheerio her mother had placed on the red plate. With Ashley’s fist she held the spoon at the very top of the handle. Ashley was walking all over the living room in their house. She was throwing the plush lady bug at her mom and nana and waiting until they threw it back to her, even though she did not catch it. Ashley was standing wide legged with her feet spread far apart. When she was walking she was wobbling and walking with her feet spread apart, she also did not swing her arms with the motion of her legs like an adult would walk. At one point during the observation Ashley was squatting down in from of the toy drum banging it. When Ashley’s Nana was drumming on the toy drum Ashley imitated her and drummed back after her. Mom placed the plush lady bug underneath the toy drum and Ashley went over and pulled the drum up to retrieve the plush lady bug, this is an example of object permanence. When Ashley was walking around the living room with the spoon in her hand she was trying to pick up the cheerio on the red plate with the spoon. Her mom placed a plastic to-go Chef Boyardee soup on the floor, Ashley had associated the soup with the spoon and she was tapping the spoon on the lid and trying to open the soup. Ashley was forming sounds to try and communicate with her mother and nana. When mom or Nana would say her name she would turn in their direction

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