Child Observation Essay

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Date of Report: September 21, 2011 Childs Name: Maryah Age: 5 Gender: Female Date of Observation: September 14, 2011 Description of observation site or location: Wildwood Elementary School located in Federal Way, Washington. My observation was of Ms. Richardson’s Kindergarten class for about 30 minutes of classroom time and for 25 minutes of lunch and recess. The main focus of my observation was the lunch and recess timeframe, from 11:55 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. I observed Maryah in the lunchroom and the playground area. She sat at the long lunchroom table with her entire kindergarten class. There are 18 other students in her class of mixed races. This school is located in the south side of Federal Way. All of the students were able to interact with each other freely during the lunch/recess hour. When the entire class was done eating, the teacher called them to go outside to recess, as a group. Description of Family of origin: Maryah’s mother and father are both African American. Mayra is an only child of a middle class family. Maryah has expressed her desire to have a “baby sister”. She lives with her mother, who works nights in the restaurant industry. Maryah’s father does not live in the family home. Her father is employed as a mechanic. Mayra has lots of uncles, aunts, and cousins that she interacts with a lot. English is the only language that is spoken in her home. Cognitive skills Maryah’s cognitive skills were strong and at the same ability level of her classmates. She followed the instructions given by her teacher to line up, walk to the cafeteria, retrieve her lunchbox, sit down, and eat her lunch. When she was done eating she followed additional instructions; to line up for the bathroom, use the bathroom, and go outside to the playground area. She follows directions extremely well. When asked to recite the rules for walking down the

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