Infant Observation Essay

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On January 23, 2015, I went to observe Baby G. She was born September 21, 2014. She is now 4 months, weighing 13 pounds. On entering the home of Mrs. Gordon, the infant was in her crib sleeping. As I observed Baby G, her eyes began to twitch. The infant is laying with a blanket, covering just the bottom of her body. The infant slept on her back, then she began to squirm, rolling over to her left side. Her legs are crossed at the ankles. Baby G is sleeping in this position for at least 20 minutes. She then began kicking her feet as she lay to her left side. The covers at her lower body are now at the far foot of the crib. As the mother enters the room, she cuts on the light to reposition the infant. As she reaches into the crib, the infant’s eyes remained shut. She then begins to make noises. Baby G begins to squirm as her mother turns her onto her stomach. Gradually, the infant’s hands near her mouth. Her head is faced left, towards the wall. Baby G's eyes began to twitch again, well after she stretches her left leg. As baby G's mom sits on the edge of the bed, the infant gradually opens her eyes, turning almost to her mom. She then looks up to see that her toys are hanging from above her crib. She hits at them. Mrs. Gordon moves a bit closer to her child and smiles at her, Baby G then smirks back. For a moment she raised her hand, almost extending it to her mom’s arm, but instead she proceeds to hit at the toys above her head. Then after, she finally extends her arms once more towards Mrs.
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