To What Extent Was Wilhelmine Germany Riddled by Contradictions? Essay

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To what extent was Wilhelmine Germany rived by internal tensions’ There were many reasons as to why Wilhelmine Germany had internal tensions and strains. A lot of these reasons are to do with the political side and the contradictions to do within Germany being seen as constitutional and democratic and then not issuing any of these policies. There are issues within the political parties themselves and conflating ideologies, as well as with the chancellors, the Kaiser and the government. Again another source of tensions was the growing minorities and varying races and religions making up a large part of Whilhelmine Germany, whom were treated immorally. All of these strains add up to make a tension filled country with a lot of underlying problems, that were contradictions to what is portrayed. A clear example of tensions within Germany at this time was the strain within the minorities and against them. There was a lot of discrimination towards the minorities whom joined Germany, be it Poles, French, Jews. Tensions were there as discriminations against both the ethnicities and the religions. There was an influx of Jewish people into Germany, therefore the anti-emetic actions grew larger, despite it already being apparent that the Kaiser was anti-Semitic himself, at the end of the19th century there was a wave of anti Semitic publications, the Kaiser is known to have read these books etc.., this causes great tensions, as clearly the population agrees with their Kaiser’s opinion causing anti-Semitism to rise. Another source of tension was the anti-Semitism being clear through the idea that no Jews were able to do more traditional career areas, such as government, the army and judiciary’, this meant the they had no choice but to become bankers and lawyers act, all high earning jobs, this caused some tension within the country as they were the higher earning majority,

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