Propaganda. Anti-Semitic Laws of the Holocaust. the Contagiousness of Violence, Hatred, and Prejudice.

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Propaganda. Anti-Semitic laws of the Holocaust. The contagiousness of violence, hatred, and prejudice. The anti-Semitic laws of the Holocaust became the excuses of the Nazis to mentally and physically abuse the Jews. Before and throughout the holocaust, the Nazi government created cruel and senseless laws and restrictions that discriminated and denied the rights of Jewish people. These laws moved the German citizens to take acts of violence and hatred and over the years, spread throughout the country. They were what led up to the Holocaust and the attempted annihilation of the Jews. Anti-Semitism is an active form of prejudice that the Nazis used as a tool to annihilate the Jewish population. Anti-Semitism is the ludicrous discrimination and absolute hatred towards Jewish people. As soon as Hitler had the rights, he used anti-Semitism in full affect. On July 8th, 1933, Hitler declared that his party had become a state, and all former political parties were outlawed. When the first concentration camp had been set up, it was originally for the arrested communist and social democrat officials. The purpose of the camp was to “concentrate” and hold the political officials so that they wouldn’t be a threat to the Nazi party. The elections were coming up, but many leaders of parties were arrested and only Hitler’s party was aloud to make speeches and gatherings. Germans had lost their freedom to protest, and those who opposed the Nazis were too frightened to resist. Hitler was playing into their fears, and slowly creating an anti-Jewish atmosphere. People were also out of work and desperate for change, and resorted to following Hitler blindly. When Jewish people wanted to leave the country, German government forced them to leave everything they had behind. Nazis were trying to eliminate the Jewish residents as soon as was possible using forms of
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