Three Types Of Rhetoric: The Rogerian, And Toulmin Model

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Research Paper Sept. 28 2011 In this research paper, I will be exploring the three types of rhetoric’s, Aristotelian, Rogerian, and Toulmin. My reason for researching this trio rhetoric’s is to find the model that best fits my style of writing. By the end of this paper one would agree that my style of writing is more on terms with the Aristotelian model rather than the Rogerian, and Toulmin models. To start I was given three choices as to what kind of rhetoric to use for our assignment. These three models have similarities that make them all useful depending on the type of writer you are. Although similar these models have major differences which could be the deciding factor on which one a writer would utilize. As I researched the three models it became more and more apparent that the Aristotelian model was the correct choice. I say this because I believe that to effectively support a claim you cannot support the opposing claim or idea in anyway shape or form. One cannot expect to win an argument or verbal dispute if their claims are not place ahead of all A writer would require the…show more content…
Promoted by psychologist Carl Rodgers, the Rogerian model of argumentation is a fair method that emphasizes rather than opposes. The goal of this particular model is to establish a relationship between opposing sides’ of an argument, in hopes of finding collaborative ways to address a specific issue. (Writing @CSU 02 Oct, 2011). In my opinion I do not believe that one can argue in an effort to support his or claim if they try and collaborate with the opposing side. For example two friends want to order a pizza but have different ideas for the toppings. Taking the Rogerian approach the two would eventually come to a middle ground, maybe getting half sausage and have pepperoni. Taking the Aristotelian approach one or even both friends would make a point and stand by it, possibly ending with a decision to get two

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