Support Individuals to Eat and Drink

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|1. |How would you find out individuals’ food and drink preferences? | | | It is important to give people a choice of food that they eat and if possible vary the times for eating. The | | |choice of food should be offered in the type of food, the quantity and the way its cooked. Knowing your service users| | |and their likes and dislikes helps. If a service user is unable to communicate their likes or dislikes you could ask | | |family and friends or even a previous service provider. Observing the service user while eating can also be a good | | |indication of what they like or dislike, for example if a certain food is left its a good indication that they do | | |not like it. People often choose not to eat certain foods because of lifestyle choices and religious reasons for | | |example, a vegitarian will not eat meat because they believe a animal should not be killed for our food source, a | | |vegan will not eat meat, dairy or any animal related product. A muslim will only eat meat and dairy products that is | | |perpered a certain way, this is called halal, while some jewish people eat only kosher food. It is also likely that | | |aperson choices will vary accourding to their life stage for example, children will most likely enjoy burger and | | |chips, jelly and ice cream but an adult will often have differant tastes and may not wecome a burger and chips. | |2. |How could you encourage an individual to select suitable options of food and drink that meet their particular needs? | | |It is very important to encourage a individual to eat a well balanced diet and to make sutible choices. Some people | | |need to eat a special diet for madical reasons such as diabetes, so it is important to

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