Three Reasons for Homeless

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What Cause People Being Homeless? Homeless households are those people without shelters that would fall within the scope of living quarters. They carry their few possessions with them, sleeping in the streets, in doorways or on piers, or in another space, on a more or less random basis. Homelessness is a serious problem in America. You can see many homeless people everywhere in America. The most recently available national data on homelessness states: “There are 633,782 people were experiencing homelessness in January 2012” (The State of Homelessness in America 2013). It means about 20 homeless people per 10,000 people in general population. A majority of persons identified as homeless were staying in emergency shelters or transitional housing, but 38% were unsheltered. According surveys, I think high unemployment rate and low employment rate, mental illness and domestic violence can cause people becoming homeless in America. Poverty is closely linked to homeless. Poverty due to high employment rate and low employment rate can trap individuals and can lead to homelessness. Although the United States is recovering from the worst financial crisis in 2008 since the Great Depression, there are still many homeless people suffering from the crisis. Many homeless people who have jobs and can't avoid homelessness, escaping homelessness is virtually impossible for those without a job. Limited skills, experience and education may be are very apparently personal reasons. An essay called “Employment and Homeless” shows another two objective realities: “Wages and Income” and “Job Security and Underemployment”. Workers faced several factors which affected wages and income. The erosion in the value of the minimum wage probably was the most important reason. In addition, there are other factors that contribute to the decline in wage decline. The competitions between
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