Summary: The Epidemic Of Homelessness

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Preliminary Outline I. Homelessness: Ignoring an epidemic. (Identifying where the homeless come from and how they got there.) Historically the homeless were everyday normal people in society that fall victim to mental illness, substance abuse, alcoholism and unemployment. The most important detail to notice is the role mental illness plays when discussing homelessness. When contemplating the amount of homeless people that suffer from mental illness the numbers are staggering. Along with the veterans, which often are also suffering from mental illnesses, and of the 744,000 people who are living on the streets of America 40-45% are suffering from some type of mental illness (Nichols 2008). II. When considering everyday problems people…show more content…
Who are the homeless? The Armed Forces represent a large portion of the homeless population in America (roughly 20-25%). Most people don’t consider the factors that contribute to homelessness such as mental illness or armed forces veterans suffering from their own trauma etc. Far too many veterans are homeless in the united state a number that staggers around 130,000 to 200,000 on any given day representing between one fourth and one fifth of all homeless (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2007). Why negative stereotypes have been created for the homeless? Many people in society are afraid to acknowledge the homeless. The homeless represent and bring out fear in many people’s everyday lives and it becomes very convenient to place the homeless in a stereotype to understand and make sense of their place in society. Stereotyping the homeless only brings the issues of how to treat and improve the homeless condition, understanding the often complex problem related to homelessness, further away from the Masses. A stigma is created clouding the issue. The homeless represent many sides of society. The truth is there are a tremendous amount of reasons why people become homeless. Woman who are victims of domestic violence leave their spouses and during the process end up on the street with no financial support and no where to…show more content…
Creating a solution. In order to treat and identify the true nature of the issue, society must be truthful in recognizing the contributing factors as it relates to the problem. Many write the homeless off as outcasts, drunks and substance abusers. People who are homeless somehow created the problem for themselves. It becomes easier to ignore and place the homeless in this category then to recognize a larger social problem and work to correct the issues. What becomes so important is analyzing the data to truly understand where the homeless come from and how to prevent the process from continuing over and over

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