Homelessness in America and the causes

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Homelessness in America and the causes Homelessness in America makes up 1% of the United States population. It can unfortunately happen to many people in the lower class due to several reasons. I believe the majority of the time people can control whether or not they are with a home, but not always. Although it might be easy for me to say, but I always believed that most homeless people are homeless because of their own choices in life such as drug/alcohol abuse, criminal records, low self determination etc. However, after doing a little research about what causes homelessness in America, my opinion has somewhat changed. I still believe that anyone can work hard enough and if have the right priorities in their life they can become successful, for example in the movie starring Will Smith- “The Pursuit of Happiness.” However my opinion has changed somewhat because of the fact that some homeless people can not control living with no home. Causes of being homeless could be because of a natural disaster (hurricane, floods, earthquakes, etc.) that has destroyed a persons home or workplace. Another big cause of homelessness is people not having health care. They could have a job, but not given the benefit of free health care, so therefore if a poor family or individual were to be seriously ill they would not have enough money to pay for their health as well as to have a home. A high percentage of homeless people also are known to have a mental illness which could make it difficult to even impossible for them to get a job. As many as 3.5 million people in the United States has been reported of experiencing homelessness in a given year, even though most were temporarily. Some statistics of reported homeless Americans show 40% are families with children—the fastest growing segment, 41% are single males, 14% are single females, 5% are minors unaccompanied by adults, 49%
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