The Cause Of Homelessness In The United States

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Homelessness Abstract How does homelessness occurs in the society? Is it because of economic recession, the government inadequacies to provide jobs, lack of cheap housing or inherited through poor family? Does people that are born poor becomes homeless? According to Hombs (2001) “ A homeless is anyone who lacks adequate shelter, resources, and community ties” (p.5). Many people became homeless because of poverty, a situation that can occur because of unavoidable financial expenses or can be manifested through generation-to-generation of poverty. This paper focuses primarily why homelessness occurs in the society and problems associated with homeless people in the community. Homelessness According to Gale (2001) “Homelessness is…show more content…
Poverty is the most visible consequences of homelessness (Newman, 2012). Current economy recession and poor employment opportunities people loss their job. It leads to foreclosure of house’s and problem in maintaining households for reasons that they can’t afford paying mortgage or rent. Affordable housing according to federal government costs 30% of family’s income and the poorest fifth of the population spend 78% of their wages in housing (Newman,…show more content…
3 Photograph of a disabled homeless. Homeless in America, Retrieved from Disabled people are another group of people that is prone to homelessness. Photographed in figure 2 shows a disabled homeless person that lives on the street. Physical disability and shortcomings to do normal chores can create discrimination for jobs. The burden of not having a job and inability to make a living and earn money can result to financial difficulty and push them into below poverty line and into the streets. Mental disability is also one of the causes of homelessness. It prevents the ability to do essential aspects in life. Mentally disabled person cannot work and need medical and special services (Rosenheck, 1994). Poor mental health also causes unstable relationship that press family members and friend’s abandonment that can lead to homelessness. It has been stereotype that most homeless are crazy people, broken down old-drunks and addict (Wright, 1989). Some of them are even viewed as dangerous people that needed to be institutionalized. Fig 4. Homeless Veteran, Retrieved from

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