Rdquo: The Cause Of Homelessness In America

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Homelessness in America “From the cognitive scientist’s point of view, the mental activities that are typically called critical thinking are actually a subset of three types of thinking: reasoning, making judgments and decisions, and problem solving”. (Willingham, 2007, p. 11) In this paper, I will be covering the history of the population, the nature of the social problems or issues experienced demographics and common clinical issues, intervention strategies. I will also be looking into the causes of homelessness and possible future intervention strategies. “The word homeless has a long and complex use. In its most literal meaning of houseless, it has been employed since the mid-1800s to describe those who have…show more content…
(Baumohl, 2001) Some people felt like homelessness was caused by heavy drinking, drug abuse, and mental problems. Because of the new policies the government made, these people were not allowed to be housed in hospitals and jails. “Homelessness was described mainly as a problem in the rehabilitation and control of troubled and troublesome people who were not only houseless but barred from their traditional institutional shelters and estranged from family and friends who might take them in”.(Baumohl, p.…show more content…
Sometimes people with jobs are one tragedy away from being homeless. Homelessness is very stressful, causing many problems such as depression, low self-esteem, and drug and alcohol abuse. Everyone is different and responds to homelessness in different ways. Children who have to deal with extreme poverty and homelessness might have trouble learning, emotional and physical problems, and bad behavior to name a few. Children find this confusing and upsetting. Living in a shelter or out on the streets can be extremely dangerous and could cause children extreme anxiety. (Martin, 2007) When a child lives with extreme sadness and uncertainty it changes who they are. Is it really okay for us to continue to let this happen? Nobody should have to wonder where they are going to sleep at night or if they are going to be able to eat a hot meal. I realize that we cannot change homelessness overnight but we do need to step up and try

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