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Creative Project Letter to the Editor They are everywhere. We see them but we avert our eyes and pretend not to. Homelessness is a problem that needs to be addressed because the homeless are a segment of society that is overlooked. The homeless are ignored or brushed aside too often instead of being helped. There are many causes to the rise in homelessness, and the way they are overlooked, or brushed aside. Most homeless people are down on their luck, temporarily, because of circumstances beyond their control. Anyone could be faced with these sorts of circumstances and become homeless at any time. One cause is the recent downturn in the economy. Jobs are scarce and homes are expensive. A person who cannot find a job often cannot afford a home, and many with jobs cannot afford homes either. Another reason the homeless are over looked is the high rate of mental illness. There are more than 630,000 homeless individuals in the United States and approximately 25% of the homeless population have a severe mental illness. Those with a mental illness are not in a position to search for jobs, purchase or rent a home, or use legal defenses to protect themselves.…show more content…
More people are becoming homeless but more services are not being provided for them. Shelters are forced to turn people away because of overcrowding or lack of resources. Unfortunately the laws make it hard for those who are turned away. Many laws across the country are in place that prohibit sleeping in public places, or that allow the homeless to be removed from certain locations. These laws make the necessities of being homeless criminal. There were believed to be approximately 162,246 homeless children in the United States in 2012 and each of them may have been treated unfairly because of prejudice and restrictive

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