Homeless In America

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Loc Nguyen Professor: Charles Riordan English 102 Homelessness in America: Why Are People Homeless and How Can We Help Them? Homelessness is a very big problem in America and the lives of homeless people are really hard and miserable wherever they live. America has a huge number of homeless people although it is a rich country. The problem of homelessness in America not only happens in the large cities but also happens in small towns. This problem is seen throughout its big territory. Homelessness is something that affects people of all ages, races, backgrounds and religions. Anyone can become homeless and the reasons that make people become homeless are many and varied. For someone people, this is a temporary situation; for some this is occasional situation; but for others, it is a long term situation. It is very difficult to define clearly homelessness and find out exactly the number of homeless people in America. This research paper is just going to discuss who is homeless, the reasons why people become homeless and how to solve this problem. Homeless people in this research paper may be whole families, men or women, those who have job or no job, children, the elderly, the mentally disabled, veterans, victims of domestic violence, and people with HIV. Who are homeless? Homeless people are poor people. They are similar to us, but they no longer have work, no a place to call a home and no future for themselves and for their children. Defining the homelessness is somewhat difficult. The article “Who is Homeless in America?” defines: “Homelessness is attributable to a dwindling supply of affordable housing, an increasing number of people living below the poverty line”. (qtd. in the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty). In addition, according to “Who is Homeless?”, a person is considered homeless who “ lacks a
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