There Are Many Benefits Of Developing Healthy Eating Habits

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There are many benefits of developing healthy eating habits in our children. A very important benefit of healthy eating is to keep our children well nourished and healthy. From my own experiences I have learned it is much easy to develop these habits when children are just beginning to eat. Healthy eating habits developed in children can set the stage for eating healthy as an adult. Developing healthy eating habits in our children can also prove to be very beneficial to us the providers. Throughout this paper I will describe the benefits and how to develop good eating habits, also the risks of not eating healthily. According to the WebMD Website (2007) healthy eating means, “eating a variety of foods so that your child gets the nutrients (such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, and minerals) he or she needs for normal growth.” The way children eat as they are growing will play a significant role in their health when they become adults. Eating healthy foods can build and keep immune systems strong. An article, Healthy eating habits need to start early written by Anne Longfield (2008) states that seven percent of children are medically overweight by school age. When one would like to develop healthy eating habits or change their eating habits, one must be able to recognize poor eating habits. WebMD (2007) tell us some of these por eating habits are when one is “eating a very limited variety of foods.” Another poor habit stated is “refusing to eat entire groups of foods such as vegetables.” The last example is “ eating too many foods of poor nutritional quality such as soft drinks, chips, and doughnuts.” Also if you know what poor eating habits are then it is easy to avoid them. When children are just beginning to eat this is the best time to develop healthy eating habits, but it does not always happen this way. Once a child has had a taste of sweets such as

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