Physician Asst Interview Essay

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Mr. Brown’s panel results Kaplan University Mr. Brown’s panel results Physician Asst. Good Morning Mr. Brown, how are you doing today? Mr. Brown: Good Morning nurse, I’m doing just great! How about yourself? Physician Asst.: I’m very well, thank you Mr. Brown. Now, you are here today to learn about your last lab work results, correct? Mr. Brown: I guess so, I don’t understand why the doctor keeps insisting on taking so much blood out of me. I may me older now, but I am still fresh at heart. I mean come on, I can tell you the last play that helped the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Phillies. I love sports and I never miss a game. Physician Asst. : I understand where you are coming from Mr. Brown, but the doc is only doing it to help…show more content…
Brown: What options exist for a person to try and reduce his/her cholesterol without taking medication? Physician Asst. : There are many options to choose from to take control of one’s health. There are special dieticians who can help with eating guidelines and give examples of better eating styles than from what is already being followed as a diet. Joining a fitness club can also help stay in a healthy lifestyle. Mr. Brown: How would you alleviate my fears regarding my high cholesterol? What recommendations and approaches would you give me to make any necessary lifestyle changes? Physician Asst. : I will recommend that you see a dietician and talk to him or her about better eating choices. You will be fine if you’re eating changes and exercise. While you watch your favorite shows, you can have a little workout session. I am sure that you can add a little more walking to your daily lifestyle. Mr. Brown: Thank you for all your concern and advice nurse, I will look into having a better lifestyle. I understand now how important it is for my cholesterol to be at a normal range. I hope to see you again soon and give me a better test result. Physician Asst. : You are very welcome and I am sure that you can do it Mr.
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