The Three Worst Junk Foods

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The Three Worst Junk Foods The word “junk” is a slang term used to quantify any food that is low in nutrition values, and very high in saturated fat, sugar, sodium, or trans-fat with some additives that are not friendly to our bodies. Consuming any food comprised of all the elements listed above can increase the risk of health hazards, such as stroke, obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, elevated blood glucose and cholesterol, which can lead to heart problems. There are three junk foods listed below that fall into the class of worst junk foods: French fries, doughnuts and soft drinks or sodas. Why French fries are considered junk food? French fries very high in saturated fat, trans fat, sodium, cholesterol and sugar. Also French fries have a very low nutrient ratio, consuming any French fries without physical exercise can lead to health hazards. Because fries are deep fries in hydrogenated trans fat oil, they are high in fat. Eating fatty foods can increase the chances of becoming overweight, it can also damage the veins and the cells in the brain that controls bodyweight which can lead to stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. French fries are very high in carbohydrates; consuming an excessive amount is not healthy because it can lead to obesity. Another problem with eating too many French fries is that they are loaded with salt; excess sodium consumption can contribute to high blood pressure, which can eventually lead to stoke or kidney failure. There are some chemical additives added to enhance flavor and color, and to increase the product’s shelf life; all this has an adverse effect on human health. However, if the potatoes which are the base ingredients of French fries are baked, and eaten without adding excess cheese, bacon, sour cream, butter or any other condiments, they can be considered to be highly nutritious. Doughnuts contain a large amount of sugar.

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