The Theme Of Evil

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Bram Stoker’ Dracula delivered a variety of different messages by using several different themes. One of the most obvious of themes was good versus evil. A majority of the novel was based on the “good” trying to put an end to all of Dracula’s “evil” actions. Dracula was not only trying to suck people’s blood, but he was primarily doing this to make others become evil like himself. Despite his good life he had lived previously, the evil overpowered him until his death. Stoker was trying to prove that evil would not prevail over the good no matter what the circumstances. The theme of the power of love determined the outcome of the novel. Arthur Holmood loved Lucy. Lucy was transformed into a vampire. Mina was also later bitten, and was on the verge of being transformed into a vampire. Jonathan Harker loved Mina. These two occurrences gave both Holmood and Harker the fire to find and kill Dracula. Bram Stoker wanted to portray love as a reason to seek revenge on a more passionate level. The power of love could inspire you to do great things for those you loved.. Although love played a big part in the Count’s death, the power of fear helped Dracula’s killers go the extra mile. Fear is defined as “a feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by the presence or imminence of danger”. This explains why Stoker introduced this feeling in his novel. Harker, Holmood, Seward, and Morris were all afraid the problem would spread, and eventually kill everyone. Fear persuaded the men to try even harder to erase any trace of evil the count had bestowed upon the world. People often wonder how Harker, and the others had the bravery to carry out their task. Metaphorically speaking, compassion was a fuel used for building this hidden courage. They were all compassionate about their quest to rid the world of Dracula, and his evil ways and save humanity. They were
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