Connections between Frankenstein and the Bible

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Love, hate, revenge, and murder. All of these themes impact the way a book can be read and will be read. Frankenstein is a novel that is full of devices that constantly make reader question the entire motive for characters. It features dynamic characters, who exhibit their humanity in the most exciting ways. They exhibit humanity, by loving each other, hating the monster, the monster murdering his creator’s friend and loved ones, and Frankenstein path to avenge the loss of his family to the monster. On the same side you also have BAIL (Bible as in Literature). It features many of the reoccurring themes seen in many great works of fiction. Once again many characters exhibit the many characteristics and they provide the solid backdrop for the book. There are many similarities that can be pegged as relevant between the two. The most relevant being the pursuit of dangerous knowledge, the sublime nature of the world, the connection between creation and creator, and the possibility of redemption. The pursuit of knowledge is at the heart of Frankenstein, as Victor attempts to surge beyond accepted human limits and access the secret of life. Though, in his pursuit he seemed to forsake his soul and everything he loved suffered. Through his pursuit of playing God, he did not realize that his actions would result in the downfall (death) of him and everyone he loved. Also his pursuit of this dangerous knowledge resulted in the creation of a monster, maybe not completely bloodthirsty, but a monster that was willing to kill. Likewise, the first sin of Adam and Eve was in the pursuit of a dangerous knowledge. Eve was swayed by the serpent, into believing that by eating the fruit in the Garden of Eden, she would gain all of the knowledge of God. This also led to the downfall (death) of he characters. From Adam and Eve’s first disobedient act in the garden, each biblical book

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