Bram Stoker's Dracula (1990's Film)

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula It’s very clear to me that Dracula meets the criteria for ‘gothic horror.’ I could give examples of that using all six elements of gothic horror but I’ll use Supernatural, Main Character/Madness, and Evil because I felt they were most important. Supernatural involving otherworldly characters that defy natural laws, Main Character/Madness due to the risk of going mad from the extreme pressures of a threatening situation and evil since there is an atmosphere of fear and dread that evil will prevail over good. The movie starts out in the 15th Century where Dracula a member of the Order of the Dragon is victorious over a battle with the Turks, though many of his men died during battle he prevailed uttering “God be praised! I am victorious!” When Dracula returns from battle his wife, Elizabetta has thought him dead, so she throws herself off her balcony and committing suicide is a horrible sin in Christian faith. It is there that Dracula in a burst of anger stabs the cross, and renounces God and everything pure. Dracula is immortal everyone knows that. He has the ability to control minds as we’ve seen from both R. M. Renfield and Mina’s friend Lucy. With Lucy we also saw that he has the ability to shape shift when he turned into a werewolf type creature when he rapes her, and thought he doesn’t see her Mina is standing back watching when he says “No! Do not see me!” When this happens he quickly hides, and Mina forgets what she ever saw and truly thinks to herself that “Lucy, you're dreaming. You're walking in your sleep again.” Going back to werewolves I think that Dracula is able to turn into one and able to control wolves due to the fact like he says “Listen to them, the children of the night. What sweet music they make.” Now about R. M. Renfield like I said he is being manipulated by The Count, he has said “Master I am your humble
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