Bram Stoker's Character Treachery In 'Dracula'

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Ramirez 1 Angelica Ramirez Ms. Happ-Mendel 19th Century Unlit November 9, 2009 – Block 6 Treachery of Dracula In Dracula, Stoker’s characters manifest humans’ nature to be dishonest for their personal benefit. For example; Jonathan betrays Dracula’s trust by writing secret letters and disobeying his instruction on where to sleep. In addition, he betrays his fiancé when he cheats on her with the three seductive women. Jonathan is not the only character that betrays; Dracula betrays Renfield. Finally, Lucy betrays Arthur. Throughout the novel, all of the characters betray one another in order to pursue their own desires, even Mina. While staying with Count, Jonathan was asked to write 3 letters to…show more content…
This promise is contingent upon Renfield bowing down and worshiping Dracula. However, in the end Renfield waits all day for Dracula and is disappointed when Dracula does not follow through with his promise. “All day I waited to hear from him, but he did not send me anything, not even a blow-fly, and when the moon got up I was pretty angry with him”(253). Dracula proves to Renfield that he is a liar, and his deception results in Renfield’s eruption of anger. When he finally arrives, “He sneered at me, and his white face looked out of the mist with his red eyes gleaming, and he went on as though he owned the whole place, and I was no one”(253). Dracula is very selfish to this point in this novel, and acts though he is god. He makes Renfield feel as though he is the peasant of his place. Renfield already feels of little consequence to anyone, and Dracula further contributes to his…show more content…
Lucy bends her head inviting Dracula to her room; Dracula makes love to her. Ultimately, this betrayal will lead to Lucy’s death because Dracula will continue to suck the life from her. Lucy’s character embodies femininity, and, therefore, she lacks the strength to counter Count Dracula. In addition, when the vampiric Lucy is approached by Holmwood in her tomb, she tries to seduce him in order to get him to protect her from the others. To the men, she has become a “monster” as well, and their desire for her is manifested in their obsession with destroying

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