Literary Devices in Dracula

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The theme of "good versus evil" takes on a religious hue with supernatural battles between God and Lucifer. The brave band of men stands for and symbolizes God. They are God's soldiers standing for all what is good and religious. There is definitely a feel of Christianity in the novel, which is spelt out in each of the climaxes. Dracula stands for Satan, and that stands for whatever is evil and bad. He hates goodness and tries to perpetuate evil while at the same time keeping an almost charming since about himself. However despite the vampires charm and strangely enticing appearances their wickedness could not be hidden from the band of men. Even beautiful Lucy, when she becomes a vampire, is hated by this band of men, despite the fact they were in love with her before. This is clearly a battle between the two most significant supernatural beings in the Christian Faith. For each of the climaxes where the vampires Lucy or Dracula are killed, the crucifix plays a major role. The evil forces are scared of the crucifix; they cover at the very sight of it, for it represents God and all that is good and pure. The Devil hates what it represents so it tries to remove all signs of it. Even After Lucy died, Van Helsing placed "a small golden crucifix over her mouth" in attempts to save her soul. (Stoker p162) When she turns into a vampire, the crucifix is one of the weapons the men used. Even in the killing of Count Dracula, the holy circle is used to trap him into the circle of good, so that he does not escape from the holy circle. Even Mina, who is one of Dracula's victims and "tainted by his blood", is unable to enter the holy circle until the men vanquish Count Dracula. (Stoker p322) During the time Bram Stoker, the author, wrote Dracula, the theme of good verses evil was very prevalent and as a theater critic, he knew there was no other surefire success formula as the

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