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Constantinescu 1 Paul Constantinescu The Vampire Myth October 17, 2008 Dracula's Effect on Others Bram Stoker's novel Dracula tells the story of the greatest vampire that anyone has ever seen. After Dracula comes to London and preys on Lucy, many people from different worlds come together to finally rid London and the rest of humanity of the Count. In the novel, Dracula interacts with many people, sometimes bringing out their best qualities, yet sometimes bringing out their worst ones. He brings out a sense of responsibility and a sense of protection in some, while bringing out a sadistic side in others. Firstly, the novel begins with a young man, Jonathan Harker, who is on his…show more content…
Out of all the characters in the novel, Quincey is the one who is least attached to Lucy and the Count. He is the least affected when we compare him to Arthur, Lucy’s fiancé, Jonathan, the man who was staying at Dracula’s castle and who had witnessed many horrific events, Seward, Lucy’s doctor, etc. However, this is pushed to the side because Quincey is the most committed of all. One might even refer to him as a martyr; given the fact that he was killed during the epic battle with Dracula, which resulted in the Count’s death. Wanting to rid the world of Dracula brought out the best in Quincey. Minutes before his death, his last thoughts were of Mina, thanking God that she was now safe from the curse. “Now God be thanked that all has not been in vain! See! The snow is not more stainless than her forehead! The curse has passed away!” (Stoker 377-378). Quincey was a noble man. He may not have been as good-looking or intelligent as the others may have been, yet in the face of danger, he gave it his all, and sadly, his…show more content…
Renfield. Renfield was a patient in Seward’s asylum. Of all the characters, Renfield is the one who shows the most character variation. At his best, he shows great intelligence and politeness. He believes in doing the right thing. However, under the influence of Dracula, he is a whole other person. He is vulnerable to Dracula’s will, making him unable to control his actions. He eats flies for their souls and he even lets the Count into the house, where he attacks Mina. In addition, Renfield attacks Dr Seward with a knife. When Seward starts bleeding on the floor, Renfield starts to lick the blood, like a dog, shouting, “The blood is the life! The blood is the life!”(Stoker 141). Dr Seward is the only person trying to help Renfield, yet he attacks him anyway. This is a clear example of the control that the Count has on him. While Dracula brings out the best in the other characters, he brings out the worst in Renfield. In conclusion, Count Dracula brought out many different sides in different people. Some people became better versions of themselves while others became lesser, evil versions of themselves. In the end, Dracula was killed, leaving everyone who had any interaction with him changed

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