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Matre1 Matt matre Lit form Mr. Hoerner 2-16-10 Bram’s Symbolic scenes In the book Dracula by Bram stoker, Many themes in the story represent a deep meaning, these themes usually reveal a major theme in the book, Bram uses many symbolic scenes that express deeper meanings, express an idea and clarify deeper meaning. One scene from the book Dracula by Bram stoker where symbolisms are used is when Lucy is sleepwalking in the night. When the ship crashes onshore and Dracula gets off. Lucy walks up to the seat that really is a grave, which is her favorite seat. Then Dracula finds her and bites her whereby he starts to drain her blood. But Mina Harker goes out looking for Lucy and walks up to the grave to find Dracula leaning over…show more content…
For the count to be delivered to his house in the property known as carfax. Dracula hides in one of the boxes to get on the ship and the weather gets very bad through out the trip. The crew members on the ship start to disappear and it shows that Dracula is all powerful. It also shows that he has a number of special powers for instance how he has the ability to change and control the weather. When he is able to change the weather into a calm day to a very stormy one .“rough weather last 3 days” “stoker 71” or when he is one the ship and one of the crew members comes up from behind him and stabs him. “I crept up from behind him and gave it my knife but the knife went through it as empty as air.” This shows that Dracula also has the ability to change from a vampire into mist also. On the ship when Dracula changes the weather into a very bad storm and Dracula directs the boat into Whitby to doc on the shore as the ship touches the sand of the beach Dracula changes forms from a human to a dog and jumps off the ship. “An immense dog sprang up on deck from below…jumped from the bow on the sand” “stoker 68” he then runs away this shows that count Dracula also has the ability to change forms from different

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