Frankenstein The Gothic Novel

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Theresa James English 121 Professor Jesse Stommel Frankenstein Is a Gothic Novel Frankenstein; or the Modern Prometheus, by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797 – 1851), a classic occult fiction, was first published in London in 1818 in three volumes. It tells a story of how Dr. Victor Frankenstein creates an artificial man out of fragments of bodies from churchyards, and dissecting rooms – a human form without a soul. The monster longs for love and sympathy but inspires only horror and loathing and becomes a powerful force for evil. It seeks revenge against its creator, murdering his family and friends, also, and bringing death to Victor himself. In the most important aspects of Frankenstein; Frankenstein is compelling in and of itself. This book has stories that surround other stories, setting them up in one way or another. Frankenstein is a gothic novel that focuses on mysterious or supernatural features. It takes place in dark, often exotic settings. Readers feel uneasy and in terror after reading the novel. That type of book is for people who like gothic reading. Gothic novels focus on mysterious and supernatural and that’s what Victor wanted to create, a human out of parts of dead bodies for scientific experimentation. To show he can create a human. Victor lived in a gothic area, Europe – Switzerland and Germany with old buildings, dungeons, towers, dark laboratories. It sure was an element of mystery and gloom. Shelley had Frankenstein wandering the streets of Ingolstadt and the Orkney Islands looking for body parts. That is awful and revolting. In preparation for his monstrous experiment Victor scours charnel houses, places for vivisection and graveyards, for these parts needed to create his new Adam or modern Prometheus, which is the novels subtitle. Victor had been forced to make the monster much larger than a normal man; he estimates
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