Temptation In Dracula

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Brandon Odum English 1102 Professor Turlington 26 May, 2011 Dracula’s Temptation In Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, Dracula has the uncanny ability to expose every person's concealed fantasy, the one thing that they yearn for the most. It is up to the characters nonetheless, to shape their own future. If someone is not careful about what they do or care about what happens, then they would most likely be taken by Dracula. On the contrary, if someone is aware of what is going on around them and cautious about what they do, then Dracula would not be able to overtake them. Mina Harker and Lucy Westenra both determine their own destinies in Dracula. Mina is unwavering (in relationships and doctrines) and proactive, and she does not give in to…show more content…
It all starts in the graveyard at night and Dracula sucks Lucy's blood infecting her. Lucy can be seen as the flirtatious type as she tells Mina of her abundance of fiancés. She says, "Here am I, who will be twenty in September, and yet I never had a proposal till to-day, not a real proposal, and to-day I have had three. Just fancy! Three proposals in one day!" (72). There is even a point where she tells Mina she wishes that she could just marry all three of them so it would not be such a difficult decision. With Lucy jumping back and forth between men, it is no wonder that she gave in to Dracula. Since Lucy had such a large interest in men, she succumbed to Dracula because he was just another gentleman to please her. This shows that Lucy changes her allegiance to men constantly and cannot stay in a committed relationship. Lucy does not even seem to be bothered by Dracula sucking her blood and slowly draining the life out of her. She says, "Dr. Van Helsing had told me [not to remove the garlic], but I would have some of servants to sit up with me now" (175). Lucy acknowledges that she needs to wear the garlic at all times to keep her safe, but it does not seem to dismay her when they fall off. Since Lucy does not follow orders that would help her live, she shows that she is very careless which allows Dracula to prevail in killing
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