The Abandonment Of The Creature In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein’s abandonment of the Creature arguably leads to many of the events that later occur in Shelley’s novel Frankenstein. Only too late does Frankenstein realise it was his duty to care for his creation when instead he had fled and left it to survive alone in the world. This neglect of his duty showed Frankenstein to be weak and the creature later uses this weakness to seek his revenge. The Creature always lacked a parental figure to help and teach him. He only realises this though when he observes the De Lacey family. The fact that Frankenstein had gone through all of the trouble of creating the Creature would have made the reader think that he knew what his duty of care towards it should be. There is a sense of responsibility that…show more content…
He tells him ‘do your duty towards me and I will do mine towards you,’ and if Frankenstein refused, he threatened him by saying he would ‘glut the maw of death’. This shows how the Creature’s abandonment and lack of nurture leads him to become a murderer. Further proof of this is when, during the Creature’s tale he tell Frankenstein ‘I could not conceive how one man could go fourth and murder his fellow’ showing that he was ‘benevolent and good’ and had Frankenstein full filled his duty he may have remained so. The Creature admits to Frankenstein ‘misery made me a fiend’ implying that Frankenstein’s actions, or lack of action, lead to this misery. Primarily it is not Frankenstein who has to suffer the consequences of his creating life, it is the Creature. But for this suffering he makes Frankenstein notice the pain he has caused the Creature by taking revenge and killing the people Frankenstein most cares about. In Frankenstein, the neglect of duty never leads to anything good. Having abandoned his duty of care towards the Creature, Frankenstein then has to learn from his mistakes by suffering the consequences of this

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