The Role And Life Of a Mental Health Counselor

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Running head: The Role and Life of a Mental Health Counselor The Role and Life of a Mental Health Counselor Mental health counselors provide counseling services for clients that suffer from personal issues (e.g. depression, substance abuse). Mental health counselors are trained to provide psychotherapy, psychological assessments, and diagnosis disorders of a specified population of clients in an individual or group setting, by helping them cope with mental and emotional problems (Erford, 2010). Counselors in the mental health profession are expected to maintain the confidentiality of records relating to the client’s treatment. Mental health professionals practice active listening and encourage the client to express their feelings. Mental health counselors develop and implement treatment plans based on the client’s physical or mental condition. Client information is collected through interviews, observations or tests which guide counselors in the development of therapeutic information strategies that will help clients deal with their problems by targeting at-risk behaviors which promotes optimum mental and emotional well-being of the client (Erford, 2010). Over the past decade organizations have come to the realization that mental health professionals need to become competent in cross cultural interactions. Competent multicultural mental health professionals play a key role in success of mental health counseling interventions (Connerley & Pederson, 2005). According to Connerley and Pederson (2005) all leadership interactions are multicultural in nature as counselors represent different ethnic origins and different subgroups. Multicultural mental health counselors should be very much involved in the ongoing process of multicultural competence through awareness, knowledge, and skills, which allows them to address issues that deal with

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