Contemporary Issues In Psychology

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Contemporary Issue in Psychology: Final Project Sharee S. Terry PS115-24 Contemporary Issue in Psychology: Final Project Contemporary issues in psychology began with the study of human behaviors. We observed and discussed waiting behaviors in common areas thru out our society. We gained knowledge by conducting research on waiting behaviors in common areas we frequent as individuals. We explored the influence of stress on our daily lives and its healthy and unhealthy effects on our career, personal life and studies. Our own different and individual strategies for managing stress were discussed as well as how we learned these stress managing strategies. In the social learning activity, we conducted a survey to learn how individuals in our community experience and cope with stress. We acknowledged the importance of the federal laws and procedures created to protect patient privacy. We gained insight into the Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and practiced completing a patient consent and restriction information form. This allowed our class to become informed on the process of admitting a patient in the field. Our class gained an understanding of the process of providing substance abuse services to clients. We learned the importance of prioritizing a client’s treatment plan. Our insight also included understanding the different treatment stages and familiarizing ourselves with local agencies offering treatment by looking up agencies and resources using 211, the phonebook and the internet. We gained an understanding of peer pressure in adolescents and discussed prevention programs created to teach adolescents the skills needed to make good decisions. We looked at program options and society’s role in implementing prevention programs. We were given an opportunity to create our own peer pressure prevention lesson. We talked about
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