Counseling Specialization and Multidisciplinary

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Counseling Specialization and Multidisciplinary Teams Paper Abstract The Mental Health Counseling, Profession has been around for many years; wellness, resilience, and prevention, has played a significant role throughout the years; counselors were seeking to developing and growing in this specialized profession in order to give effective and quality care to clients; through evaluating and assessing, what is appropriate behavior. The historical perspective of the counseling profession that focuses on wellness, resilience, and prevention The historical perspective of the counseling profession regarding wellness, resilience, and prevention was demonstrated through modeling a positive state of well-being, training, and involvement as well as having a balance in our mind, body, and spirit in order to deal with the community and people. The Greek Philosopher Aristotle was said to be the first the write about wellness in a scientific explanation for health and illness and to define an ideal display in which one seeks for “nothing in excess”. The first model of wellness was created by Hettler, he is known as “the father” of the modem wellness movement, in which he saw holistically and life span development was not seen in these early philosophies in order to further, develop and move away from these early modems of wellness that was based in physical Health Science; Sweeney and Witmer would develop the first models in counseling (Meyers & Sweeney). Identifying my preferred counseling specialization and how the specialization emerged My preferred counseling specialization is Mental Health Counseling, accessing clients with life changing events, such as: tragedy, death, and a broad area of mental issues in general; in order to give a diagnosis, and render a treatment plan (North Carolina Counselor-License). Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the
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