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| | | | 1/28/2014 | | 1. If you had the opportunity to conduct a study, what would you want to study? I would want to do a study on Bipolar and the cause and the effect of what it does to the patient and those around them. I would also like to know the different stages that Bipolar have and is there any cure for it at all. A. What would you hope to find that could help you personally or professionally? I would like to have a better understand about the cause and effect of Bipolar Disorder and how you can become Bipolar and how serve it can be. I have family members that are bipolar and I watch them go through different stages all in just one hour and sometime it frightens me because there has been a few times things…show more content…
Which of the research methodologies from the textbook would you choose to conduct your proposed study? I would choose Clinical psychologist they help people with psychological disorders adjust to the demands of life. The clinical psychologists evaluate problems such as anxiety and depression through interviews and psychological tests. They help clients resolve problems and change self-defeating behaviors. A. Explain in detail what you like about this type of research? I like how they meet one on one with the clients to help learn different ways to deal with their bipolar disorder. See with bipolar disorder it is known as bipolar affective disorder, which is manic-depressive disorder, or manic depression, which is a mental illness classified by psychiatry as a mood disorder.(As quoted from articles and web articles). Individuals with bipolar disorder experience many different episodes some are elevated or agitated mood known to be a part of alternating with their moods also known as episodes of depression. There are four stages in the bipolar disorder family which are * Manic Episodes * Hypomania Episodes * Depressive…show more content…
Use statistical analysis to draw conclusions which support or refute hypothesis. * Report and/or publish findings. Reporting of findings allows information to be shared and critiqued. Usually scientific research is published in a scientific journal relevant to the area of research. JOURNALS are periodicals that publish technical and scholarly material, usually in a narrowly defined area of study. The two main advantages of the scientific approach are: A) Clarity and precision. Clearly defined objectives and measures B) Intolerance of errors. Peers will be very critical. Data must objective and documentation thorough. Also experiment should be reproducible. In other words other scientists should be able to test the same hypothesis in the same way and come up with the same findings. A. What would you need in your study to draw a conclusion? I personally feel as though I would need to have my client to do different activity, so that I can observer there every move to see how they will respond to what is going on at the time and moment. I would also design different techniques for my client to do as well as have them inner act with others to see how long they can go before they

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