The Reality of Car Advertising

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The Reality of Car Advertisements Have you ever gone somewhere which has not any advertising? Believe it or not, advertisement has become a major part of our everyday life especially car advertising. We live in an era of innovation; consequently, we can see new products are produced every day. In fact, there is no place that someone goes and cannot find advertising. As the world is developing, so the means of advertisement are also increasing. In addition, because of advertisement, people begin to feel a need for even those merchandises of which they had never heard before; advertisement creates demand. Therefore, in this essay, we are going to compare three types of car advertising a Hyundai Sonata, a Lexus GS, and a SL Mercedes-Benz. Then, we are going to describe their unique characteristics, landscapes. And finally, we are going to analyze and discuss their true intentions. Because today´s society is based on consumption, cars advertising not only could persuade people to buy a car, but also the techniques and scenery used to manipulate them. First of all, we will describe the first advertising which is the Sonata from Hyundai. At first sight, we can perceive the bright blue sky surrounded with a few spongy clouds as cotton candy. Down below, we can see a number of tall grey buildings and huge skyscrapers like if someone were in New York City. Then, in the middle, the polished radiant silver Sonata which is the most important thing shining by itself; it is a five-seat midsize sedan car which has a distinctive styling and famous for its saving gas system. In addition, it is driving on the highway with such a delicacy and soundless; they are trying to transmit that there is nothing better and important than driving a Sonata. And then, at the left corner, the flamboyant Hyundai logo, and down below, the announcement “Drive your way.” I personally believe that

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