Buying New Cars

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Buying a new car can always be a hard thing. I know for me I have only bought one car so far in my life but it was a bit difficult. I got lucky and was able to go with my sister’s boyfriend who is a car sales men to help me find one and make sure that I got the most for my money. Therefore along the process of finding one he made sure that I understood the car industry. So that I don’t think in the mind set of I shouldn’t be spending this much and how some car companies don’t look how much a car will cost you in the long run of having it. Which all are some of the parts that matter in the supply and demand of buying a new car. There are many other factors that play into it to like for instance a lot of car makers make their money by the business demand for the car. For instance like police cars and taxis and many other companies that provide a vehicle. The next thing that plays a part is the real income that car buyers have. Over the years the economy has gone down and there for the income has dropped and people aren’t spending as much on cars heck some people don’t even spend any money on cars any more. Which really can have a great impact on the demand of cars. Because if there isn’t many people wanting cars means that the need to make a ton of them isn’t as good and can really fall back on to the workers that could lose their jobs. Next, over the years people are starting to want to become greener which means them taking out factors in there that harm the environment. Many studies have shown that cars is one of the bigger contributors in the pollution that is happening to today. I believe that it’s from people wanting cars that are faster and louder and just over all suck more gas. But over the last three years people that are becoming greener and put the gas hog away. We all have noticed how car makers are always trying to keep up on what is the newest and the
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