The Way Cars Are Made

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H******, Qaher The Way Cars Are Made The idea came to Henry Ford; make one man do a certain job repeatedly instead of that man doing a hundred different jobs. This idea helped change the world and put Mr. Ford at the top of the list. Now he’s widely known as the father of mass production. There’s a huge difference between assembly lines then and now, for example, most cars now are made by machine. There are many ways to modify the current cars in production to a more safe and inexpensive manner. For example, we can add steel front/rear bumpers like they had in the 50’s. Those bumpers were proven safer than the ones on most cars today. We can also lower the price of gasoline to a regular and average price, so the middle and lower class can afford it. I also think the technology exists to boost up the miles per gallon (mpg) a car can have. I believe this because if we have the technology to clone animals and reproduce children without mothers, than we should have the technology to boost our cars mpg. The benefit of a car with a higher mpg will in turn produce a lower carbon emission rating, which means cleaner air with less carbon dioxide. Driving a car is the most common air polluting act a human commits. They commit this on a daily basis with little knowledge of it. I propose that we make all if not most cars run on gas and electricity. Some already do and those are the ones helping our environment. We also need to make those cars affordable to society. For example, the current cost to own a Prius is about $32,000. I would decrease that cost to about $15,000 to make it more easily affordable. From the Model T that Henry Ford designed to the Prius that Toyota designed, there have been many improvements. From the human assembly lines to the machine assembly lines, there have been many achievements made.

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