Duster Suv Case Study

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1. Which are the top three characteristics that customers expect from and SUV? Is the low price an advantage or a disadvantage? (Word Count: 41) • High Performance • Enhanced safety and stability • Multi Terrain The low pricing is an added advantage considering the customers reluctance to spend more. This can attract customer as they can pay less but get more than what the competition is giving them. 2. What Slogan should Dacia choose for the Duster SUV? What should the slogan focus on? (Word Count: 47) “Powered by Intellect, Driven by everyone The Anywhere Everyday car” Focus is on that this is a car that can be driven anywhere, can be afforded by anyone and that the car is built by the best minds with a great deal of excellence and high standards. 3. What Communication tools could be used for a publicity campaign this size? What would be a good organization approach for the whole launch process? (Word Count: 80) • Advertisement- Connecting to the masses thru all modes is crucial for building the cars image. • Promotional Offers – like giving out discounts for the first few cars booked • Strategic Alliances – Alliances with other low cost high value products, display models of the car in malls. They should target customers based on Geographic advantage of brand (e.g.: France) and also the Mid-range income group people who can’t afford a normal SUV, While establishing a correlation between their requirements and benefits of Duster. 4. How do the three communication technique pillars support the Duster SUV’s publicity campaign? Are there any other techniques that may be added? (Word Count: 51) • Reputation – Helps identify the car as durable and low maintenance • Reliability – Past success track record helps gain customer confidence • Rightfulness –low pricings attracts those customers, who couldn't afford SUV in the past Buying

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