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1. How will Toyota attain leadership in the hybrid electric vehicle segment? Aggressive pursuit of the disruptive HEV technology focusing on the consumers needs. Also focusing on providing extended driving range, higher mpg tan conventional vehicles, even HEVs; and half toxic emissions for Toyotas HEVs. They would also make the Prius look and feel as normal as possible to turn into a mainstream product for the consumers. Prediction about the change in the market. Ability to determine the needs and desires of the consumers before they express them. 2. What strategy should Toyota use to communicate that HEVs are available and have performance capabilities on par with current vehicles? The strategy that Toyota should use to communicate that HEVs are available is to attain leadership in the HEV segment evolving HEV technology from a niche to a mainstream increasing acceptance of HEVs. Also make all Toyotas vehicles with a HEV variable by 2012. 3. What can the Toyota marketing department do to develop advertising and marketing strategies to attain leadership in the segment? Some of the things they can do for the consumers to understand is to focus on making the 2004 Prius a “normal” car in design and feel with advantage of an HEV. Make the costumers loyal to the brand by providing better services than competitors. Create an awareness campaign to get the customers used to the product and the technology. Also make automobile magazines, bloggers and experts report about the good quality and reliability of HEVs. Stay present in media for consumers to stay updated. 4. How does Toyota develop the demographic profile to evolve the perception of HEV technology from a niche product to a mainstream product? They turned the hybrid technology from a niche market product and evolved it into mainstream acceptance around consumers, creating awareness about the

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