A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Chevron

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Your trying to start off new. You’re beginning to make serious choices in life. You’re sitting there wondering if it’s worth it. Wondering if that would be a smart choice. Then BAM! You see it. You just found the one thing that make sense. The one thing that doesn’t even require you to second guess. You just found the perfect car for you. The brand new Chevron. The advertisers for Chevron have released a new advertisement to convince a younger audience to buy a sleeker new car. The spokesman’s alluring tone, persuades and draws in a younger generation by his use of rhetorical questions, personification, and asyndeton. The advertisers seem to have a thing when it comes to rhetorical questions. He used them a number of times to support his alluring tone. He immediately grabbed your attention with “Hey! Recognize this?” [Picture of old Chevron] Then he…show more content…
He continued with his alluring tone right to the very end. The advertiser ends with an interesting use of asyndeton, He says to you “ So it’ll leave you with enough money for all the CDs you need to listen to, concerts you need to attend, cites you need to visit, bridges you need to bungee-jump from.” The pattern and rhythm you sense from that builds up your energy and anticipations. He brings you a sort of hope for all the greatness that might come to you if you were to get the car. It allows you to think of all the things you can spend your extra money on. And being part of a younger generation this reminds you of the adventures that lie ahead. It reminds that you still have so much time to enjoy life. What better way to do that, than with a brand new Chevron? So, if you were wondering how it were possible an advertisement that seem so simple, much like any other advertisement, could convince you enough to get a brand new car, There’s your answer. The clever advertisers for Chevron choose an alluring tone, supported by rhetorical questions, personification and

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