The Problem Of Hfcs In The Daily Diet

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The Problem of HFCS in the Daily Diet Wilfredo Balaez DeVry University The Problem of HFCS in the Daily Diet High fructose corn syrup is manufactured from cornstarch after removal of protein and fiber. The high levels of fructose found in many food products that we consume in our daily diet is raising a lot of concerns within scientists, doctors, and other students of the subject due to the problems that it causes to the health of the human population. Problems like diabetes and obesity are directly linked to high ingestion of high fructose corn syrup. Diabetes in humans is one of the common causes of health problems like gangrene, amputations, and even death due to complications of the disease. Several studies made by universities, independent organizations, and the government blame the high fructose corn syrup for the condition. I do not agree 100 percent with that position. I think HFCS is necessary in our food chain, and will benefit us (the consumers) if we control the daily intake of food with high concentrations of fructose derivate from corn. Less soda, chips, alcoholic beverages and increasing the intake of water, fruits, vegetables, and exercise to stimulate the chemical process of the body will help the pancreas to increase the segregation of insulin, which is in charge of processing any type of fructose, or sugar. Making small adjustments to our daily habits could significantly improve overall human health, and reduce diabetes cases. Another problem related with HFCS is the obesity, and fructose has been identified as part of a biochemical process that leads to weight gain. The average American consume anywhere between 45 to 60 pounds of the syrup a year. Scientists think the high dose of fructose in the blood stream bypasses the digestive process that breaks down other forms of sugar arriving intact to the liver where it causes changes

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