The Princess Bride

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Topic 2 The film 'The Princess Bride' shows the true nature of a hero. Discuss. In the film 'The Princess Bride' Westley is considered to be a hero. As he performs many heroic acts throughout the movie which defines the true nature of a hero. Throughout the film Westley showed many hero like qualities. One of the examples was when he searched to be reunited with his beloved Buttercup. He travelled far and wide, not knowing what laid ahead. Westley showed courage and determination. These where some of the qualities displayed throughout his search. According to the Oxford Dictionary, those qualities define the word 'hero'. Westley goes up against Ignigo Montoya with a sword fight. He possessed great skill with his sword fighting and managed to knock Ingio out. Westley then goes up against Fezzik. He tried to wrestle the giant but he was to strong. Westley's good agility aloud him to jump onto Fezzik's back and knocked him out by choking him. Lastly Westley goes up against Vizzini for the ultimate prize, Buttercup. It was a dangerous game. Westley poisoned both glasses of wine running the risk of dying. Vizzini died and Westley, lucky to be alive, claimed his prize. Good sword technique, coordination and intelligence, these skills make for a great hero. But it's the risk and the courage that shows he is hero and that he is prepared to die in order for his beloved to be free. Buttercup was saved by Westley from the R.O.U.S (Rodent of Unusual Size). He showed a tremendous amount of courage when he put Buttercup's life before his own. All his skills came into play when fighting against the R.O.U.S, he stabbed, he dodged, he crawled and he won. Westley made the ultimate sacrifice, he put Buttercup's life before his own and he was prepared to die for her. These selfless acts performed by Westley is evidence of how far one is willing to go for true love. For

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