Heroes Throughout Time Essay

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Heroes throughout Time Kayla Olmstead When we’re little, we all hear stories about superheroes, brave men and women who save lives and made changes in the world around them. Their actions inspired us to want to be brave and strong just like they were. We called these people our heroes. Just because superheroes used powers to change the world, doesn’t mean that that’s the only reason why somebody could be a hero. A hero is somebody who has determination, courage, selflessness, and sacrifice; they bring change to anybody’s life, whether it’s to one person or multiple people. There are different types of people who we consider heroes. They range from Olympic winners or adventurers, people who overcome great things and inspire us to do the same. Heroes can also be people in your community, school, and church, anybody who does something good for mankind. They can also be as simple as your parents. Friends and family can be considered heroes as well by just helping you throughout your lives trials and tributes. Heroes are very similar in regards to the roles they play in our daily lives, now and in ancient Greece; they are highly influential and bring positive change in peoples lives. In ancient Greece, the heroes were looked at as strong and powerful. The majority of the people who were considered heroes were either gods, goddesses, or people who were warriors and helped Greece expand in some way. It was important to have the abilities like power and strength because during this time, they were traits that you needed to have to survive. One hero that is well known in Greek history is Achilles. Achilles was one of the greatest Greek warriors and was known for his determination and fierce personality. He is most known for his battle in Troy and his victory against Prince Hector. Even though Hector was killed by Achilles, Hector can be considered a hero as

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