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Mayra Vargas Period 3 Can’t Be Replaced Monster’s that can’t be harmed by a mortal’s weapon, or a battle against a fire breathing dragon; can you handle this alone? With your bare hands? Beowulf in many words is the archetypal epic hero in 4 characteristics. Beowulf is one of the very lucky, not only by being prince of the Geats but his story is being told from generations. A hero in a quest to fight for glory and the greater good of society. Brave deeds to help others to put to an end there nightmare. Beowulf was a mortal but had the strength like no other human; he was a super human with courage and intelligence. Risking his life for the safety of others where his death came upon it. First, Beowulf heard about Dane land being tormented…show more content…
From the moment he holds a grip of Grendel’s arm, the monster was terrified. Grendel was trying to swing Beowulf off his arm, hitting himself against the wall’s Herot. Beowulf kept making his grip stronger, to not let him escape. As Grendel twisted from pain, his shoulder snapped, muscle and bone splinted. Grendel ran as the second he was free, but that was the end of him bleeding to his death. When Beowulf swam to the bottom of the lake to fight Grendel’s mother, it took him hours to get to the bottom of the lake. Holding your breath for so long is another superior thing for a mortal. That was not the only thing, but when he was fighting Grendel’s mother he saw a sword hammered by giants, it was said that it was blessed by magic. It was the best of all weapons so massive that no ordinary man can lift it. Beowulf was angry and desperate; he lifted the sword and struck with his entire strength Grendel’s mother. Cutting her head off, all that laid was her body with no head and no life. The last to his unordinary strength was when he had courage to fight the fire breathing dragon. He was an old man, he needed his armor and sword as the serpent looped and unleashed itself for Beowulf hold his ground. He tested the dragon’s strength knowing fate denied him glory for this…show more content…
Risking his life for glory and the greater good of society. When Beowulf fought Grendel, he knew the monster tormented Dane land for 12 years. Also, defeating Grendel was the price of his glory. King Hrothgar dared Beowulf to go after Grendel’s mother and save them once more. Not only will he be given gold when he wins the battle but ancient treasures well be in his possession. After defeating Grendel’s mother Beowulf chopped off the head of Grendel and took it back to king Hrothgar. After fifty winters, Beowulf now an old man fought the dragon alone. He did not want his men to risk their lives. That was the final battle for Beowulf and the last of him too. He was given a memorial where his ashes where along with the dragons treasure. In a burial tower by the sea where all the Geat people can see. They sorrowed for their lord who was the most gracious, kindest to his people and

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