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Luke Molnar Beowulf Is Beowulf really a hero, or is he an over confident boastful fool? In the epic poem Beowulf translated by Burton Raffel, the reader reads about an intelligent, confident, strong, and courageous man who is also quite boastful in some instances. Beowulf defines an epic hero by possessing supernatural strength, courage, and his will to fight for what’s right. A characteristic of a hero is the character must have an ability no one else in the story has. The reader sees how Beowulf possesses unbelievable and supernatural strength because Beowulf claims he can defeat Grendel with his bare hands. While he fights the huge monster he grabs his arm and “the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder snapped, muscle and bone split…show more content…
The reader learns how Beowulf is fighting only for glory and not for power because “Beowulf longed only for fame” (71, 1528-1529). Beowulf was much stronger than Throthgar and could’ve easily taken his thrown but he did not long for power he longed for fame. Another example of how Beowulf fights for what is right is when Beowulf fights Grendel’s Mom. Beowulf had already killed Grendel, had received his riches, he could’ve easily left the Dane’s helpless against this angry mom. Instead, Beowulf does the right thing and because he does fate repays him by allowing “her stabbing blade to be blunted by the woven mail skirt” (71, 1547-1549). This shows that since Beowulf didn’t have to fight but knew it was and did fight, fate repaid him by sparing his life. Finally Beowulf proves he has the characteristic of fighting for what’s right by fighting the dragon in his old age. Beowulf, now in his 70s, could’ve just lied and down said his time was near anyway. However, that doesn’t represent a hero so Beowulf knowing he might not make it back, knows he must fight and he “feels no shame, with shield and sword” (101, 2517-2520). This shows he isn’t even fighting for glory; he is fighting because he knows he must end this dragon’s life before his is ended. He fights for his people, for what is right, and nothing else. Beowulf is an epic hero because he represents himself with the characteristics of supernatural strength, courage and the will to fight for what’s right. There is no possible way Beowulf will be forgotten and his legacy will carry on throughout time and his tale will live on

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