Comapre contrast Beowulf and Achilles

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The idea of a hero is different for every person. Some think a hero has to be physically strong others think a hero has to be kind. Most of the ideas of what a hero is are taken from stories and society. Two examples of this are the Beowulf and Iliad stories. The first example is Beowulf a story told/written by anonymous scot men and deals with action and adventure. The other story the Iliad written by Homer is an action epic story. Beowulf story is about a monster that kills people which Beowulf must defeat. The Iliad deals with Achilles hunting down hector for killing his friend. Both stories share one common character role, there is a hero, different in their journeys and actions but similar in one heroic trait. . For me a hero is a very strong, brave person who always does the right thing. A hero does not have to be physically strong; he or she can be emotionally or intellectually strong. Even their definition of what is right or wrong may be different than other people. The heroes in the Beowulf and Iliad stories are Beowulf and Achilles, which show some of the basic heroic traits. I will compare and contrast the traits that make Beowulf and Achilles heroes, which are strength, speed, and bravery. Beowulf’s most interesting and heroic trait is his strength. In the story of Beowulf there are many demonstrations of Beowulf’s superhuman strength, but there is one event that stands out the most. That event occurred during the battle of Beowulf and the monster Grendel, in which Grendel finally is defeated. “He twisted in pain,/ and the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder/ snapped, muscle and bone split/and broke”(105-108). Beowulf is so strong, that he is able to rip Grendels arm off. Grendel is a big, evil monster who would kill humans, so it is no easy task ripping Grendels arm off. The fact that Beowulf was able to do such a thing proves that Beowulf had

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