Beowulf: An Example Of An Epic Hero

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An epic hero is a brave and noble character from an epic poem. Beowulf is exactly that. Beowulf demonstrates most of those traits. Beowulf demonstrates an epic hero because he was charged with a quest, he had super strength, and traveled underwater to a supernatural world. These are just some of the values shared by the epic hero Beowulf. To start off, Beowulf was charged with a quest. He was sent to go fight and kill Grendel after he killed the men sleeping in the Herot. An example is, "I swarm in the blackness of night, hunting monsters out of the ocean, and killing them one by one; death was my errand and the fate they had earned. Now Grendel and I are called together."(Beowulf 155-159) This means that Grendel and himself are going to fight. This is just one of many quests that Beowulf must face. Secondly, Beowulf has superhuman ability and strength, an example of Beowulf's strength is, "Staggering under the weight of Beowulf's skull, too heavy for fewer than four of them to handle - two on each side of the spear jammed through it... To salute him and show Grendel's head. He carried that terrible…show more content…
This means he has superhuman strength, and that is a big trait when it comes to an epic hero. He also has superhuman ability like when he pulled out the sword. "Then he saw, hanging on the wall, a heavy sword, hammered by Giants strong and blessed with their magic the best of all weapons but so massive that no ordinary man could lift its carved and decorated length." (Beowulf 513-527). He pulled out the sword that nobody else could. This is superhuman

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